Tech Business requires technologies to be in the forefront of a business. A business with tech-monopoly has a perfect launch pad, if they properly and adequately protect these technologies and launch these products, timely.

The challenge with a tech-startup is that the initial investment in research and protection is quite high and the returns are limited to a transient span and then the technologies become obsolete. This makes setting up and running a tech based company or business more challenging. An entrepreneur always has a choice of co-coordinating between several professionals and keeping track of the deliverables or choosing a one stop shop to deliver, so that keeping in mind the diminishing timeline, and utilizes the time judiciously to acquire clients and monetize technology.

Videaim IP, we help in incorporation of the company, not only filling forms but suggesting the nature of the company to be incorporated. We set up proper accounting practices right from the start and along with fulfilling tax liabilities. We develop and protect technologies so that the product is launched as soon as the protection is applied under Intellectual Property Rights. We create an online presence so that the company and the products/services have a presence in the cyber space.We materialize any new relationship developed before or after the launch of a business is formalized through agreements. We provide ease of doing business by providing you legal and engineering services.

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