Prototype Development

A prototype is an elementary working model of a new product or an information system that tests the feasibility of idea or invention. The prototype is used to showcase the idea to a potential investor and/or to receive feedback for developing the final product from a user.

A prototype is used to determine

  1. Design: A design of a product not only enhances the chance of market acceptability, it further distinguishes the product from similar product
  2. Features: The prototype further helps in determining features to be incorporated into the final product
  3. Interaction: the prototype also determines the interaction of the component that makes the system that may be tuned to make the system efficient and robust
  4. Functionality: - Functionality of individual parts as well as of whole assembly can be identified easily to obsolete error in final product.
Steps of Prototyping:
  • Idea: Establishing Aim for the Project
  • Design: CAD modelling and Technical Drawings
  • Fabrication and Testing
  • Rapid Prototyping: (SLA and SLS) 3D Printing
  • Virtual Prototypes: Animation
  • Industrial Design Registration

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