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A patent is an exclusive right or monopoly granted for an invention, limited to a time period of 20 years, either for a product, or a process that provides in general a new way of doing something, or offers a new technical solution to a problem, essentially with a significant improvement over the prior art. Thexclusive right or monopoly includes limited rights for making, using, selling, offering for sale and/or importing any product or technology.

A New or Novel product or process, which is Non-obvious or Inventive to a person skilled in the art, and has Industrial Application i.e. can be used or made in some kind of industry. A patent can be for a process or for a product.

Product Patent: The product patent refers to a new product which is Non-obvious or Inventive to a person skilled in the art, and has Industrial Application. In such a case, claims (defining area of legal protection) are drafted in a fashion to protect the new product and if desired may also protect the process for preparing said product.

Process Patent : A process patent implies that inventor has developed a new and improved process for producing a known or a new product. In case of a known product, claims are designed in such a way that only the new or modified process is protected and the product is not protected, as said product is already known. In case of a new product, claims are designed in such a way that the new or modified process and the product is protected.

Our Services

Pre-filling services
  • Prior Art Search
  • Patentability Search
  • Provisional patent/specification drafting
  • Complete Patent/specification drafting
  • Patent Drawing or Patent Illustration
  • Landscape Analysis
  • White Space analysis
Filling services
  • Provisional Patent Filing/Provisional Patent Application before Indian Patent Office
  • Complete Patent Filing/Complete Patent Application before Indian Patent
  • Foreign Filing
  • PCT Filing/ WIPO Filing
  • Convention Filing
Post Filling services
  • Reply to examination (FER reply)
  • Hearing
Post Grant
  • Patent renewals
  • Patent Invalidation Search
  • Patent watch
  • Freedom to operate
  • IP strategy
  • Corporate trainings
  • Patent Due Diligence
  • Portfolio Management
  • Infringement Support
  • Notices
  • Plaint / Petition/ Suit
  • Written Statement/Replies/Counter Statements
  • Patent watch
  • Patent Opposition
  • Patent Revocation
  • Patent Licensing
  • Patent Licensing Agreements

Fees and cost of patent filing in India.

Natural Person
(Individual inventors)
Other than Natural person
Small Entity (SE) Other than (SE)
Application for grant of patent 1600 8000
Early publication fee (Optional) 2500
Request for examination of patent application 4000 20000

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