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Intellectual Property Training program is essential for integrating business and intellectual property. In other words it should not be secluded to identify and file Intellectual Property assets to strengthen an IP portfolio, but should enhance the capacity of a business by integrating it with the vision of the company.

Most of the Educational Institutes and Research and Development departments rely on external consultants to identify and file their Intellectual Property assets. The consultants provide technical and legal assistance to identify and facilitate the acquisition and protection of IP asset. Sometimes in-house coordinators provide much needed guidance and assistancewho collaborate with external consultants to map and manage the IP portfolio of the organization. However, this may not be enough to foster a constant pace of innovation and maintain sustainability in domestic and international markets. In order to provide a constant impetus to maintain a constant pace of innovation the researcher or innovators need training to facilitate understanding of IP assets and integration of IP assets in business.

We provide customized workshops considering the kind of audience and their forte.

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Tech Business requires technologies to be in the forefront of a business.

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At Videaim IP, we strategize action and resources of a company, for Intellectual Property Asset Management, and other related services.

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The technology has a central role when it comes to a technology based company.

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